Sports Injuries:

Your son or daughter is playing sports and they sprain an ankle. What happens? The joint swells, inflammation sets in, and the bones don't move at all (by the way there are 23 in the foot alone). Lots of swelling, excruciating pressure, bones compressed, and now you have to hobble. What's that do for the balance and alignment of our bodies? Yup, it shifts it from two feet to one foot with a whole lot of pressure on that opposite leg hopping or standing because you can't evenly distribute the pressure. Make that a severe sprain, and your low back is going to hurt due to the awkwardness of walking with one leg. Think there might be some issues there with alignment of the foundation of the spine/hip/knee, not to mention the foot? Correct the minor dysfunction before it becomes a major problem, and it will be time well spent.

This same premise goes for shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, hands, ankles, toes, necks, backs, hips, and the jaw. If your joint is supposed to move and it doesn't, it needs to get looked at immediately!! If your joint moves too much, get in here. An evaluation is what you need to determine if you are a candidate of sports injury treatment.

Your kiddos are going to be going to college and running our world, and the last thing they need is to complain of an injury they got in 6th grade football. Too many of us sit around with bum knees and ankles saying they hurt from always spraining them. The sprain might be the issue for 5-10% of people but the other 90% hurt because they didn't get conditioned properly after the injury or during the healing process. We really challenge you to step in here to get evaluated and see what kind of job we can do to get you back on track.