Physical Rehabilitation:

Getting injured stinks! Having constant headaches are horrible. Not being able to play with your children or give them baths due to back pain is unacceptable. Waking up after a short night's sleep (real world) shouldn't be greeted with pain. And to make things worse, you are no longer able to put in your Yoga tape and stretch away the pain, and that calls for some serious corrective measures.

At Fusion Chiropractic spa, you will receive chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to help your muscles recover from the injury, and to allow your alignment to be better suited for strengthening exercises in the future. Honestly, we see patients that decided to exercise too early in their injury stage while accompanied by over-stretching. This doesn't give the muscle a chance to heal, increases scar tissue, and decreases overall range of motion. So in the long run, if we try to take care of our injuries on our own, we end up doing more harm than good to our bodies, and it increases our recovery time and pain. When your condition allows, exercises and stretches are performed in our therapy bay with exercise balls and thera-bands (rubber stretch bands). We will tailor specific exercises that your body will respond to favorably. We will increase your range of motion, strengthen your joints, and make sure scar tissue (a by-product of muscle injury) does not take over. In addition to the injured joint, we also concentrate on increasing the range of motion and strengthening the supporting tissues surrounding the injured site. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so paying attention to this detail will help ensure another injury like this does not happen again.